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A fairer price for good drivers

We want good drivers to be rewarded by paying less.


Get to Rating 1 faster

If your current insurer is making you wait to reach no claim bonus rating 1 here's a way to get there faster.


Save right here, right now

Last year car insurance premiums soared to triple the inflation rate but 70% of our customers are save up to 30%.

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Am I eligible?

Most cars since 2000 and all new cars available in Australia from 2006 are fitted with a connecting port that Insurance Box can plug into. So check here if you can plug an Insurance Box in your car.

Insurance Box samples your driving and saves you money.

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It’s easy to plug in

... and reach our top score faster

Insurance Box ™ is compact and plugs in typically out of sight under the dashboard of your car. By sharing your driving style you can fast track the rewards for your good driving: a lower cost of insurance and tangible peace of mind.

No more waiting year after year to move from NCD / NCB rating 6 to rating 1 and conform to outdated stereotypes commonly used by most other insurers. With Insurance Box, your good driving is rewarded faster, no matter who you are.

  • Your privacy is protected

    We strictly protect your privacy and shared information. Our telco suppliers can’t identify whose data it is and we don’t allow any third parties to market to you. You can’t see your journey history, nor can others.

  • It's safe for your car

    The Insurance Box ™ uses a tiny amount of power when your car is running and sleeps when the ignition is off. Rest assured, it doesn’t interact at all with a car’s engine management system, won’t interfere or harm your car or drain its battery.

  • Safe driving parameters

    We’re not big brother! We don’t impose any curfews, we don’t disclose your information to any authorities unless ordered by a court, we look for trends in your car’s usage and hence isolated events don’t harm your long term DriveScore.

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Your dashboard

Your Dashboard provides you with access to your individual DriveScore™, a breakdown of your car’s usage and feedback on your driving style.
If your driving gets better so can your premium.

As a Policyholder you can log onto your Dashboard via the link below, or the top of this page.

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Have you got questions that need answers, or would you like to hear what our customers have to say?

"The best thing is that Insurance Box ™ takes the way I drive into account."
Melissa VIC
"They take notice of how I drive not how old I am."
Simon NSW
I trust my son more with my car on weekends now I know he drives well."
Trevor QLD
"It's straightforward to plug in the Box and it's out of sight."
Sim SA
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