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Meet Heath and George. Just your typical sibling rivalry.

“As twins people often confuse the two of us. Our personalities are very different and that extends to how we each drive."

"This is one insurance policy that stands out.” - Heath


“We got Insurance Box– it’s a box you plug in the car – it takes a sample of my car usage and identifies my driving style. Insurance Box gave us a better premium because its based on how we drive our car.” - George

There’s one insurer that stands out as very different from the rest. Insurance Box is a product that helps differentiate you from other drivers and rewards your good driving. 

Meet Luke and Ann, who do similar jobs at work, but the way they commute by car couldn’t be more different.

“We enjoy the friendly competitive spirit in the office. We all commute to work by car and I enjoy my time in my car, listening to breakfast radio –  we run a leaderboard at work to find out who’s the best driver.” - Luke

 “I like to think outside the box – except when it comes to my car insurance – then I think inside the Box, because I’m top of our leaderboard!”

“This concept isn’t new overseas, so I’m glad someone has finally brought it to Australia.” - Ann

Millions of drivers in the US, UK, Europe and Sth Africa are thinking outside the box. Australia now has its very first Insurance Box. 



Meet Chloe and Jasper. So, who is the better driver?

“My driving style? I’m a DriveScore 4 out of 5”

“Decoding car insurance can be a real trial – instead of waiting for years of no claiming to be accepted as a rating 1 with other insurers,the best thing about Insurance Box is that it knows I’m a good driver fast” - Jasper

 “It pays to drive safely but I keep hearing about how good Jasper’s driving is – when actually it’s me!” - Chloe

Share your car and share the savings from safe driving.  It’s easy to see if someone you trust with your car with isn’t treating it the way you want.  

Meet Lynne and her daughter Laura. They love Insurance Box™

“My daughter is not like every other 20 year old out there on the roads. With feedback from Insurance Box she’ll improve her driving and I can get cheaper premiums - Lynne

“My mum can’t see where I go but she’s sure happy to see I’m a good driver.”-  Laura

Car Insurance can pose a dilemma – especially for 18-25 year olds and when it involves the family car, for their parents as well. But if you are 18-25 and enjoy driving safely, Insurance Box™ gives you a better choice.



Meet University mates Adam and Oliver. They enjoy the challenge of learning but who’s the genuine road scholar

“I’ve never had a claim and been driving for a few years, so I couldn’t understand why my previous insurer kept increasing their premium each year when my car was getting older.” - Oliver

 “My mate suggested putting it in my car. It’s taking notice of how I drive not how old I am or what I do.” - Adam

You can prove your good driving using an Insurance Box and see your driving feedback on your Dashboard, a useful online portal you can access via a password. 

Meet Maddie and Grace. Two BFF’s who take turns driving.

“I don’t really understand insurance, seems you pay and don’t get much back. Insurance Box is more practical; I get a Dashboard with feedback, it encourages me to improve and they treat me like the adult I now am. And what I save, I use on things more important to me.” - Maddie

 “I just passed getting my P’s – but my skills really went to a new level by just driving alone and checking my dashboard for helpful feedback. Now I’m much more confident and focused when driving, which is awesome.” - Grace

Some of us occasionally work nights, sometimes you may inadvertently speed or you may need to brake hard for a good reason. It’s not the isolated events, it’s your overall driving style over time that matters.



Meet Grace and her dad, Daniel. A win/win story.

“I’m used to staying in touch with friends on my mobile and facebook, so it’s no big deal Insurance Box knows how I drive – because I’m a pretty good driver." -  Grace

“It’s a new gadget that makes car insurance actually useful to my family. It gives me less to worry about handing my keys over to Grace on a Friday or Saturday night.” - Daniel

We’re serious about your privacy protection, so no one can see your journeys or trips in your car. The policyholder, if that’s your parents, can see your overall DriveScore rating, which makes for a grown up conversation on road safety.

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