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Questions & Answers

Insurance Box is a revolution in car insurance for Australia. Find out how it works and how it could save you money!

Who is Insurance Box?

It's a CANSTAR award winning car insurance product designed to help customers become better drivers and save money. It is the first such product in Australia. QBE is the underwriter and Insurance Box manages the distribution of the product and the provision of the unique elements of the product that provide you with feedback on your driving habits and tips on how you can improve your performance. Insurance Box Pty Ltd is an agent of QBE and can be contacted on 1800 133 723 or at

Who owns the Insurance Box device?

Insurance Box does, but you have our permission to have the Insurance Box in your car for a period of time required to register a settled DriveScore of your driving. The Insurance Box must be returned to Insurance Box Pty Ltd when we ask as a result of a stable DriveScore or if you cancel your policy in the good working order to avoid an administrative charge being made of $110. If you are using the smartphone App, after the sampling period, we lock in your DriveScore and we remotely stop recording your journeys.

What else will the Insurance Box check?

Understanding driving behaviours is only part of what is required to understand risk. The usage of the car and the environment in which it is being driven are also important. We therefore check that the car is kept overnight where you said it would be and the kilometres you drive over the year. This will ensure that you are given an insurance price based on how your car is being driven and not a price based on how cars are driven by people of your age, who live where you do and who drive a car like yours. That stereotyped approach to pricing insurance is like looking through a rear view mirror to understand the likelihood of a collision in front of you! It doesn't properly reflect your driving skill or style.

If you have the Insurance Box device fitted, it also works for theft-tracking, so in the event of your car being stolen you can call us and we will seek to locate the car to advise the police to recover it and your personal items for you. If you are using the App this service is not available.

What if I don’t install the Insurance Box or keep it installed?

It is a condition of your policy that you install the Insurance Box in your car or download and register the smartphone App. Should you choose to cancel your insurance policy we ask that you return the Insurance Box in good working order or in the case of App users, we will stop recording and you can delete the App from your smartphone.

When do I get the Insurance Box?

If you are eligible for the device, we will send the Insurance Box out with the instructions for self-installation on payment of your policy. If you are eligible for the smartphone, we will email and SMS the links to Google Play and iTunes App Store so you can download the App within the required 30 days.

How do I get my insurance documents and the Insurance Box?

Your policy documents will be send electronically via your designated email address and your Insurance Box device will be sent to your chosen correspondence address using Australia Post. If you are eligible for the App, you will receive the link by email and SMS. You will receive all subsequent documentation electronically and we will provide messages to your dashboard or text you if particular driving habits need your attention.

Why do I need to install an Insurance Box or download the App?

We sample your driving so we can measure how your car is being driven, provide non-judgemental feedback and maximise your insurance premium savings. The most effective way to do this quickly is to use a sensor, either a small GPS device or our smartphone app sampled over a period of months. Once your DriveScore settles, you may not need further use of the sensors. It is a condition of your insurance policy that either an Insurance Box is installed in your car or the Insurance Box app is downloaded within 30 days of purchasing your car insurance. We will let you know in the sales process whether your car is eligible for the device or App. You don't need both.

How and when do I access my dashboard?

Once your Insurance Box is installed and you turn the ignition on it will begin to collect your driving data. It will transmit that data periodically and, once we receive it, we email you a link to your personal dashboard. If you click on this link you will see your starting DriveScore. After each subsequent day of driving this will be updated with your actual daily DriveScore, and once several days of driving data are accumulated you will see your Year To Date (YTD) DriveScore. This is the best reflection of the driving style of those who use your car. It typically takes several months to get a good handle on your driving style. Your daily report is useful to check the DriveScore of a particular journey, or if another driver has used your car.

How will I be able to tell if my premium is going to change?

This product will assess your driving based on four main criteria: Speed consistency, Acceleration, Braking, Night driving.

The app uses these criteria to give you score out of five in each area. we then take all four numbers, apply weightings and the resulting number is your DriveScore - a number used to calculate your premium pricing. The device or app both work to track mottions in your car that indicate the four criteria mentioned above. 

These motions combined with real-time data about your speed, distance travelled and tim driven are all stored in the device to create your insurance pricing. Insurance Box also offers users access to a DriveScore dashboard that relays their cores in all four areas, their total score and tips on how to improve the quality of driving. 

How does the Insurance Box save me money?

We monitor your driving behaviours to assess how the car is driven. The more smoothly a car is driven the more you can save. We give you your personal DriveScore which shows you how you and any other drivers are driving the car. You can see your performance and we will provide you with tips on how you can improve your DriveScore to maximise the savings you can make at the next renewal of your policy.

If the car is driven in an extreme or dangerous manner, your DriveScore reduces and we will provide you with advice on how you can improve. If no improvement is made your premium may increase at renewal. Premiums can go up as well as down, but you will have had feedback about your particular driving habits to enable you to improve your skills well before your renewal date.

I am selling my car. What do I do about the Insurance Box?

Remove the Insurance Box before sell your car and advise us of your new car. You will most likely be able to transfer your Insurance Box to your next car. You can check if your new car is suitable at or call our Customer Service team on 1800 133 723. Don’t forget that if you have a good DriveScore you can demonstrate to the purchaser of your car that you have driven it smoothly and this will assist with value retention.

Will you share my data with anyone else?

No, your personal data is not provided to any external party unrelated to assisting us with determining your DriveScore to give you feedback on your driving style and for pricing your insurance policy. We have a Privacy Promise that covers how your data is protected and how any de-personalised data will be used. It is important that you read the conditions of use of Insurance Box as it describes who will use the information collected by us and for what purposes. We do not sell your data to any other business.

Why and when do I receive alert messages?

If your driving data indicates what may be an extreme risk situation such as excessive speeding or very harsh braking we will send you an SMS alert message to bring this to your attention. It may be that you have been involved in a collision and need assistance in which case we will offer you our emergency claims service. It may be that you were not aware of the excessive nature of the activity and how it will impact your DriveScore so the message is a reminder of how to improve your driving habits. 

We remind you not to read SMS messages when you are driving as this will distract you from observing the traffic ahead. We send our SMS messages at 11am AEST to minimise this risk.

Need more information?

Call us on 1800 133 723 or send an email to:

Safe Driving! Your Insurance Box team

How does Insurance Box sample my driving?

We use sensors to understand your driving style, whether that is an app you can download on your smartphone or a small box that measures how well a car is driven. By demonstrating you are a better driver you will save on your insurance costs. You will also receive feedback on how the car is driven to help you become a better driver. If we allocate an Insurance Box device to you, it plugs easily into your car under the dashboard to collect and transmit GPS data. We will send the Insurance Box to you by mail with instruction for self-installation or you will receive an email and SMS with a link to download the App on the Google Play or iTunes App Store.

How do you check how well the car is being driven?

Collisions can happen to anyone, but excessive speeding, heavy braking or tailgating, the time of day or night you drive your car and harsh acceleration influence your probability of having a collision on the road. Insurance Box takes all of these factors into consideration to assess how well the car is being driven. A smooth driving style indicates a confident driver who anticipates the traffic in front of them. Extreme driving styles indicate a greater likelihood of collision that may result in serious injury or death.

Do I have to pay for the telematics from the sensors?

There is a small one-off cost, $45 +GST to cover the telematics data costs that is part of your overall insurance cost. If you cancel your policy and return the Insurance Box in good working condition within the 14 day cooling off period we will refund this charge or refund you if you were using the smartphone app version. It is a condition of the policy that the Insurance Box is installed in the car or is downloaded to the drivers smartphone within 30 days. Should you choose to cancel the insurance policy beyond the cooling off period we ask you to return the Insurance Box in good working order but we do not refund the charge as we have incurred the expense of providing it and the DriveScore dashboard to you. If the Insurance Box is not returned in good working order we reserve the right to make an administrative charge.

Could it affect my car?

No, the Insurance Box draws a small power charge when the car is driven. It does not use the Engine Management System (EMS) and therefore does not impact any of your car’s electrics or interfere with your engine diagnostics. It sleeps when the car isn’t moving.

Where do I install the Insurance Box within the car?

Insurance Box is small and compact and is installed under your dashboard. All cars since 2006 in Australia, and most cars available since 2000, have been fitted with the appropriate connecting plug for the Insurance Box to connect with. Our website, has video instructions to guide you on how to install the box under your dashboard and if you need help our Customer Service team is available on 1800 133 723 to provide assistance.

What information does Insurance Box record?

Driving behaviours are only one part of the equation. In order for us to fully understand risk we need to understand a little more information than typical driving speeds and response rates. For example, the usage of your car and are just as important to risk calculations, because of this, details like this help us formulate a more accurate price point for your policy that is closely aligned with risk potentail.

While collecting this information is critical to how the insurance Box function works, we take your privacy seriously. We don't share this information out to other parties and we are not here to report any mishaps to the authorities - we protect your data and use it only for the functions we specified. your driving information is safe with us.

What is a DriveScore dashboard?

Your DriveScore dashboard is a web portal that provides you with your DriveScore and your personal driving reports so that you can follow your performance. We recommend that you review your DriveScore dashboard and the hints and tips we have provided about your driving style frequently. Of course, if your car hasn’t been used for a while there will be no update to your DriveScore.

What is my starting DriveScore?

We provide all customers with a starting DriveScore so that you can see your dashboard and understand how it works. Your start DriveScore is not based on your actual driving behaviours and will only be updated once the Insurance Box has been installed and the driving data received. This typically occurs within a few days of the Insurance Box being successfully installed.

I don’t agree with the DriveScore on my Dashboard – what do I do?

Email, let us know your policy number and we will investigate. We work closely with road safety specialists, Melbourne and Monash University to continously improve the driving parameters with the best available technology and mapping. No GPS, satellite signal, road speed limits or configurations are perfect 100% of the time.

Do you use No Claims Discount or Ratings like other insurers?

No we don’t. Other insurers use a scale variously called “Ratings”, “No Claims Bonus” or “No Claims Discount” that is based on the number of years you have been driving without a claim. Of course that doesn’t prevent your insurance premiums increasing year on year, and it doesn't provide you with any advice to help you achieve the best Rating quickly. We all know it takes many years to get a Rating 1 or a maximum No Claims Discount, and that assumes you have no claims during this period. It can take a young driver 10 years or more to reach a Rating 1.

We believe this approach is unfair – it does nothing to reflect how you drive your car, or your likelihood of having a collision. We price your insurance policy based on how you actually drive. This means we can provide you with the maximum savings much sooner than you having another 10 birthdays and not making a claim. We think DriveScore is a much fairer method as we don’t judge you just on your age, where you live or what car you drive. You determine how good a driver you are and we recognise and reward your driving accordingly.

What happens to my insurance if the Insurance Box stops working?

The technology in the Insurance Box usually allows us to fix it remotely. If that is not possible we will replace it without charge to you. If the Insurance Box is not operating no driving behaviour will be collected and your overall score will not be affected. If we send you a new Insurance Box we ask that you install it within 14 days to continue to receive your DriveScore information.

How does the theft tracking work?

If your car is stolen then you need to contact the police and advise them that your car is stolen and that it is fitted with an Insurance Box. Call our Claims team on 1800 133 723 with your car registration details and the crime report number that will have been given to you by the police. We will then seek to find your car’s location and will notify the police to collect it if we can find it. This service operates if you have an Insurance Box device, it is not available to App users.

What happens once I prove i'm a good driver?

Once we sample your driving and produce a DriveScore based on that information, your score may statistically settle. As per the PDS, we may ask you to return the device to us or the app may cease recording and we lock in the DriveScore you have achieved at that time. This final DriveScore is used to determine future premiums.

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